16/06/2015 19:00-20:15
Room D

You've maybe heard of WebRTC and wonder what the fuss is all about. Is this yet another new video conferencing technology or will this be the start of some genuine change? Will we really see easy to use video calling? What does this mean for existing NREN and institutional services?

This BoF is for everyone who's heard about WebRTC and wants to know more. We will build a modular agenda based on who'll participate. We will in any case touch on what happens in the TERENA TF-WebRTC and the WebRTC task in Geant4.

More information:
Geant4 SA8T2 (WebRTC): projectplan (April 2014 - March 2015)

This BoF is organised by Mészáros Mihály, chair TF-WebRTC and Jan Meijer, task leader GN4 SA8T2 (WebRTC).

Introduction to WebRTC:

WebRTC offers high quality audio/video communication capabilities to anyone with a web browser, capabilities that previously only were available using proprietary systems and software.

This creates an opportunity for the European R&E community to solve its real time communication challenges in novel ways. WebRTC may finally offer a path towards a large-scale, low-cost and easy to use real time communication infrastructure for group conversations across institutional boundaries.

WebRTC is entirely web based. This will make easy for web developers to include real time communication in their web applications which in turn wil mean a significant boost for the concept of in-context communication. In a research and teaching setting this offers interesting opportunities to increase productivity and decrease integration cost.

A feature-rich web complemented with real-time communication capability will also offer the opportunity for a more component-based approach to including real-time communication in all sorts of e-Learning and e-Research web applications at a low price point and without locking our community to any particular vendor or solution.

The NREN community needs to prepare for this change in real time communication technology and enable itself to meet the opportunities and challenges with the right and timely response.