Workshop: GÉANT Advanced eduPERT Training

18/06/2015 15:00-18:30
Room C
This eduPERT workshop will provide advanced, hands-on training for performance and analysis tools using perfSONAR and UDPmon.

The first part of the workshop will cover using the perfSONAR toolkit. Instructors will give a quick overview of bwctl (iperf, iperf3, and nuttcp), owamp, bwtraceroute and bwping, then focus how to use these results for advanced troubleshooting and analysis.

In addition, this workshop will introduce attendees to UDPmon, a sophisticated network diagnostics program that can measure UDP-achievable throughput, packet loss rate and loss distribution, packet reorder rate and reorder distributions, inter-packet jitter, relative one-way delay, the CPU load on local and remote nodes, etc.

The attendees will learn to navigate udpmon and the features available in perfSONAR through various exercises. The workshop exercises will be simulated using Mininet, a simulation program that runs a virtual network.