The challenges of management, integration and expansion of scope a Service Desk in NREN

The deployment and subsequent management of an Integrated Service Desk in the Brazilian NREN, Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP), emerged, as well as in other academic networks, due to the improvement in the processes of the customer care service. Those improvements occurred concomitantly to the design and launch of new services and the creation of an area dedicated specifically to the management of the service portfolio, with consequent formalization of processes and work procedures. Before the creation of the Service Desk at RNP in 2009, the number of services offered corresponded to half the current number and the number of institutions attended was less than a third. At that time, a small team of analysts supported the service, dividing the attention between the end-user care service and the technical activities related to the operation of the infrastructure supporting these services.



  • Jean Carlo Faustino
  • Francisco A. dos Santos Junior

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