DTM for minimization of inter-domain traffic cost

Nowadays we are observing rapid movement of users towards the services based on the resources managed by cloud platforms. More and more data are exchanged and stored in clouds deployed in data centers (DC). New business models appear as a result of new relations between stakeholders, e.g., federation of Cloud Service Providers, or End-users offering resources (user-owned Nano Data Centers) for Content Delivery Providers. Moreover, mobility of users and services to offer the content and functionalities as close as possible with required level of QoE are the elements of a complex and still evolving ICT landscape. The network architectures and the network management methods have to follow all those changes and address new emerging requirements. The implementation of SDN (Software defined Network) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) concepts as well as intelligent data caching and prefetching exploiting social information, are promising directions. One of the solutions for the network management has been introduced in the SmartenIT project and described in this paper. The Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) is a proposal for Internet service providers to minimize the of traffic exchanged between network domains.


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