Comprehensive security framework for COPERNICUS:Open Data Access

Copernicus programme, previously known as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), is the European Programme for the establishment of a European capacity to access key environmental data on a routine basis for Earth Observation. Different missions and different user communities are sharing the same infrastructure following the Copernicus Data Policy: free and open data access to the different scientific communities, however free and open does not mean that any info is open to anybody. Following a security risks assessment ESA Earth Observation Ground Segment Department has identified a security framework to support the Copernicus entities. A challenging objective of this security framework has been the harmonization of various domains and entities with the scope to grant the open access of the data to the main users. A great complexity is due by the necessity to offer near real time satellite data the Copernicus users. This requirement has been transformed in the duty to provide infrastructure and service which grant the integrity, the availability and also the confidentiality of the satellite data. This framework provides requirements and guidelines to the project teams in order to identify the necessary security measures for each information type and user, starting from the design phase, passing through the implementation up to the operational and disposal phase of the various services and projects. The framework addresses different domains in order to implement a comprehensive approach to the security: Physical Security, Secure Access Control, Data Security, Secure communications, Systems Security, Secure applications, Secure operations and management, Business continuity and disaster recovery. This framework has defined a programmatic security approach capable to efficiently and effectively support the day-by-day Copernicus Security operations and grant the “free and open data access” to the Copernicus users.


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