To the clouds and beyond - collaboration on service sharing and delivery

The European NRENs collaborate on bringing online services to the research and education community, with the right conditions of use. This includes services produced within the R&E community as well as services from the public cloud, offered by commercial providers. GÉANT GN3plus / GN4 SA7 is the place where the NRENs gather, for these joint efforts.   In this session the GÉANT SA7 team gives an update on the progress in service sharing and delivery through several short presentations, followed by a moderated discussion where a group of panelists (with representatives from NRENs and providers) discuss collaboration on online services, community service sharing, aggregate (pre)procurement efforts, adoption and public private partnerships. The session is of interest to everyone in the R&E community and the commercial marketplace involved with in researching, developing, procuring or implementing cloud services, mobile services and other and online services.