Cacuriá Multimedia Tool

The use of supporting materials such as tablets, slides, videos and games in the classroom has become increasingly common, making the learning process more participatory and interactive. A recurring multimedia feature in this context is the use of learning objects or LOs. Wiley (2000) and the IEEE (2012) define learning objects as any entity, digital or not, that can be used, reused or referenced during learning or training supported by computer. However, the development of LOs is an expensive and time-consuming task since it requires a team with experts from different areas (programming, art, design, teachers, etc). The objective of this paper is to present Cacuriá, an authoring tool integrated with an online repository of LOs called iVoD (Interactive Video on Demand), that allows teachers and tutors to create and share videos enriched with interactive multimedia content.The archteture of the proposed service is described as follows: first a teacher must create a LO using Cacuriá and then submit it to the cloud storage. Then, students can watch and interact with the content created by the tutor using devices with Internet access, such as tablets, computers and smartphones. This is an ongoing project funded and accompanied by RNP, the Brazilian NREN, in the context of the Videos on Demand as Learning Objects Working Group (GT-VoA).


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