GÉANT Open Calls – Generating Innovation with Impact

This presentation will describe how the GÉANT Open Call programme has been used to fund innovative projects designed to address a number of different broad objectives. Many of these open call projects have lead to useful results that will feed into both the GÉANT network and the services running over it. A number of the significant results will be identified and we will reflect on the overall lessons learned (“the good, the bad and the ugly”) during the running of this first GÉANT open call. Innovation and the impact of that innovation will also be examined in the presentation, for example it is expected that up to 20 papers in peer reviewed journals will be published as a direct result of the projects support via the first GEANT Open Call. The presentation will then go on to describe preparations for the next round of open calls that will take place during the next phase of the GÉANT project (GN4). Discussions are underway at the time of writing this abstract but a clear idea of how these next open calls will be conducted will have been established by the time of the next TNC. A few guiding principles are already known. Overall there is expected to be a greater focus on service innovation and working with new commercial partners.



  • Michael Enrico
  • Annabel Grant

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