This presentation provides a summary of the activities and results obtained by the IRINA project in the GN3plus open calls. IRINA has investigated how RINA can be applied to NREN services. A state-of-the-art and analysis of network architecture proposals and associated research projects in a global context was performed to motivate the need for the project. A survey was conducted to align the scope of the project with the requirements and objectives of the NREN community. In order to evaluate the use case, the rina-tgen tool was developed as part of the project and released as Open Source software. Experimental results from the project show that RINA has a lot of potential benefits in deploying services from a cloud environment.



  • D. Staessens
  • V. Maffione
  • S. Vrijders
  • L. Bergesio
  • E. Grasa
  • J. Barron
  • F. Salvestrini,