Cultural Data in the Age of Experience

This presentation examines new paradigms for transforming digital cultural heritage archives into embodied experiences for cultural organisations. Using heterogeneous datasets representing intangible and tangible heritage, the research described integrates groundbreaking work in virtual environment design, interactivity, information visualization, imaging technologies, visual analytics, data mining and, new museology.

The discussion comprises a series of seminal installations and permanent exhibits including:
· mARChive (2014) Museum Victoria’s data browser for 100,000 objects in 360-degree 3D, Melbourne.
· Look up Bombay (2014) as a gigapixel dome work for the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai.
· Pirates Scroll 360 (2013) & Pirates Scroll Navigator (2013), two treatments of a scroll painting, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong.
· Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang (2012), Pure Land Augmented Reality Edition (2012) and Pure Land Unwired (2014) based on interactive facsimiles of the World Heritage Site, Dunhuang, China.
· PLACE-Hampi (2006) and the new museum at Karnataka, India Kaladham (2012) based on the World Heritage Site, Hampi, India.
· ECloud WW1 for Europeana (2012); a world touring exhibition representing 70,000 objects from the world’s largest cultural portal.


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