Provisioning identities across e-Infrastructures

Over the last decade the way to access and share resources in the R&E community has changed dramatically. The concept of federated access and its implementation via the Identity Federations has made it easy for researchers to access shared resources and for research e-Infrastructures to offer resources in a more consolidated way and secure way. Thanks to the growth of national identity federations and to eduGAIN eduGAIN (the interfederation framework), federated access is gaining momentum as demand for it increases. However, despite the enormous progress in this area, the seamless provisioning and usage of identities across e-Infrastructure is still a challenge. These challenges are only partially of technical nature; policies and best practices supported by all e-Infrastructures are needed to cover the necessary legal and operational practices for those issuing users credentials. This talk will report on the activities in Europe to implement the vision to offer an integrated AAI built on federated access supported by all e-Infrastructures and accessible to all researchers. The talk will also report on EC funded efforts such as the AARC project and the GN4 project.


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