CERNBox: Cloud Sync and Share Service for Science and Engineering

CERNBox provides a multiplatform sync and share service for all users at CERN. CERNBox provides currently 1TB of quota per user and hosts 12million files of 2 thousand users (growing at 50 new users/week). The user base includes administrative staff, on-site engineers and research physicists around the globe. Usage of CERNBox is multifold. CERNBox offers a "drop-in" replacement of Dropbox and similar tools: its convenient and available everywhere: web, desktop and mobile. CERNBox also provides a unique storage environment for engineers and researchers: users may access their files directly on the EOS storage which underlies CERNBox. This may be done using a range of access protocols and tools: physics data analysis applications access CERNBox via highly-optimized xrootd protocol; for file-system access is provided via fuse mounts for "home directories"; jobs running on the Grid may use webdav access authenticated with Grid certificates. Thanks to this CERNBox has a potential to be perfectly integrated from day one in all major workflows for scientific computing at CERN, and also in the central computing services of the CERN Computing Center.


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