A Cyberpractitioner Program

Cyberpractitioners are the indispensable user and applications consultants of high performance cyberinfrastructure. Skilled in software tools, programming languages, and frequently-used packages and codes, knowledgeable of machine architectures, large file systems and data stores, and the growing requirements for high-performance networking in complex workflows, they also typically possess deep knowledge in a particular domain science together with the social skills to collaborate effectively with domain specialists. In the US, some cyberpractitioners hold relatively stable positions in industry or in well-established and long-lived high-performance computing centers; others endure a more nomadic existence, living from grant to grant in academic departments with no expectation of permanent employment - let alone career advancement. This lightning talk will introduce the Internet2 Cyberpractitioner project, which has the long-term goal of elevating the position, influence, and stature of the profession in US higher education, in order to better serve the scholarly community's increasing dependence on cyberinfrastructure.


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