A call for collaboration

The purpose of the lightning talk is a call for collaboration to develop "govroam". govroam is the equivalent of eduroam but dedicated to public administrations. On a technical point of view, there are no differences. Currently, the typical organizations using this service are: cities, province, tv, federal agencies,… There are several in-country initiative: Arnes started govroam in 2010, Belnet started govroam 2 years ago (deposit govroam trademark + logo in europe), Surfnet (via stichting govroam) started 1 year ago and other NREN might have something similar.The idea would be to collaborate in the same way as eduroam. There are several possible use cases: European commission, European parliament, Political exchanges, Trans border collaboration,... Those use cases would require a system that would be available everywhere seamlessly. Belnet and Surfnet have already started to collaborate (radius servers know each other, agreements are being handled). We would like to see if other NRENs/countries would be interested in collaborating the same way.



  • Belnet - Nicolas Loriau
  • Surfnet - Maurice van den Akker

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