Entering the Age of Consent

Attribute release is proving to be the biggest challenge to attaining the full potential of federated identity, particularly at scale and as access control use cases begin to grow. While there is disagreement, by country and by community, about the legal implications of end-user consent, there is broad agreement that a good end-user consent management tool that sits on top of a robust privacy infrastructure will be a most valuable set of components. The talk/poster will briefly present on a next generation end-user UI and on the emerging infrastructure under it. The end-user consent manager features a variety of informed consent mechanisms, fine-grain authorization, presentation of both required and optional attributes, revocation, factored consent suppression, etc. The infrastructure includes end user stored preferences and histories, access to metatdata for trust marks and icons, translations of attribute values and names to human-readable terms, and import/export tools to enable identity portability.


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