Open Cloud eXchange: Application Aware Intercloud Infrastructure

This poster presents results of the development of the Open Cloud eXchange (OCX) in the GN3plus JRA1 Task 2 activity and provides suggestions for further research and development of the components of Intercloud network infrastructure to support data intensive applications. The main components of the OCX networking and operational environment include: distributed OCX points of presence (OCXP) interconnected over GEANT and NREN backbone networks, OCX Marketplace, distributed monitoring infrastructure, and application clients. OCX intends to be neutral to actual cloud services provisioning and limits its services to Layer 0 through Layer 2 in order to remain transparent to current cloud services model and allow (cloud based applications to control the characteristics of the underlying Intercloud network infrastructure. The GEANT OCX (gOCX) infrastructure model distributed over the GEANT core network and NRENs will allows CSPs to make physical connectivity at one of OCXP and have access to all GEANT/NREN user community. While offering L0-L2 connectivity services for advanced users, the OCX infrastructure OCX Points (OCXP) is neutral to standard network connectivity and delivery model offered by cloud providers that uses e.g. Layer 2 VLANs and Layer 3 protocols like BGP. Marketplace as a component of the OCX powered inter-cloud ecosystem facilitates cloud services negotiation and delivery between customers and CSPs and includes web portal and API that provides a number of information services such as CSP/Services Directory, API repository, SLA repository, trusted certificates repository, optionally also cloud Service Broker that allows both accounts and credits/resources management on behalf of customer or provider.