Multi-Domain Virtual Private Network service

During GN3+, the Multi-Domain Virtual Private Network service was designed end deployed in GEANT, NORDUnet and 15 NRENs (AMRes, BELnet, BREN, CARNet, DFN, Funet, FCCN, GARR, GRNET, HEAnet, HUNGARnet, PSNC, RedIRIS, RENATER, SUnet). MD-VPN is a truly collaborative service between NRENs.GÉANT MD-VPN is seamless multi-domain infrastructure that is able to deliver a bundle of services: Layer 3 VPN (IPv4, IPv6), point-to-point Layer 2 VPN and multi-point Layer 2 VPN. The usage of international VPN in the science and education world is quite different. It aims to help and foster international collaboration that is often created around a scientist project. MD-VPN service can be used for connectivity between clusters, research groups, grids, cloud centres and HPC centres, allowing them to form virtual distributed resources or provide services for third-party research projects. The European scientist project XiFi interconnects its sites located in 12 countries thanks to MD-VPN in order to create a research distributed environment.


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