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Easy 802.1X Onboarding with EAPConfig files and SCAD What's next for eduroam?
DynPaC: Dynamic and Adaptive Traffic Engineering for SDNs SDN Applications
DTM for minimization of inter-domain traffic cost Multidomain networking
Do You Want To Build An NREN? The BdREN Project Thunderclap Talks
Disruptive Innovation in the NREN Community Thunderclap Talks
Disaster Response in a Connected World Wednesday plenary
DFN PANEL - TNC15 Science Engagement Round Table
Developing Capacity and Expertise to Support Collaboration PANEL - Developing Network Capacity and Expertise for International Collaboration
Determining the State of Security in the IPv6 Internet Lightning Talks
Detecting innovation in networks of collaboration: A graph theoretical approach Big Data - Smart Mining
Cultural Data in the Age of Experience Big Data - Smart Mining
Creating Interactive Art with Prototype Boards and R&E Networks Supporting teaching and learning
Connecting Research Collaborators to Applications Using COmanage Tools for Identity
Connected Communities Need Strong Foundations Opening Plenary
Concurrent transcontinental Supercomputing: Infinicortex Intercontinental networking
Comprehensive security framework for COPERNICUS:Open Data Access Big Science
Coherent Alien Waves over a DCM-compensated DWDM network Lightning Talks
Code42 - cloud PANEL - To the clouds and beyond - collaboration on service sharing & delivery
Cloud disaster recovery over the GÉANT network Thunderclap Talks
CLASSe project: Improving SSO in the Cloud What's hot in IETF?