Big Science

Why Big Science? as a term, Big Science has now come to represent a series of changes in science that have taken place in industrial nations and after WWII, as scientific progress increasingly came to rely on large-scale projects usually funded by national governments or groups of governments (per Wikipedia) In our world, for NRENS, Big Science represents large scale scientific projects that demand scalable, robust and increasingly more advanced networks and technologies that NRENs - likely many NRENs - will need to support. During this session, we will cover 2 key areas in science: astronomy and earth observation along with some great examples of large scale facilities and multi-national efforts that increasingly are requiring more consideration to the role that NRENs play in supporting what these efforts will unveil in terms of data, scientific discovery and outcomes. The session will include short presentations followed by discussion among the panelists.


Wednesday, 17 June from 12:00 to 13:30
Room D
Ana Hunsinger INTERNET2

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