Network Centric Services

Even if this session is the day after the Gala diner and the weather will be ideal for a swim, you should not miss it! If going to the sea is a must, then bring your towel and swimming suit with you because in the heat of Porto in June this session is super cool!
When network oriented services are designed and implemented with the end-users in mind, the result is guaranteed and stunning. Imagine a service that could implement a trusted network over public WiFi networks. Or imagine that an NREN could integrate a technology that mitigates attacks against CAs with their DNS and certificates portal. How about a monitoring tool that is deployed globally and tackles network problems without borders?
No need to imagine; attending the session will reveal how the above became real with eduVPN, DANE integration with DNS, and perfSONAR.


Thursday, 18 June from 10:30 to 12:00
Room B
Chris Phillips CANARIE Inc.

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