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AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland)

Grzegorz Rzym

Grzegorz Rzym received his M.Sc. in Electronics and Telecommunications and B.Sc. in Acoustic Engineering, both from AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland. Now he is a PhD student and an academic employee of the Department of Telecommunications, AGH in Krakow.
His academic research have started already during master studies, when he took an internship at the Department of Telecommunications during which he actively participated in PO IG Future Internet Engineering project. Since the start of his PhD course, Grzegorz Rzym is actively involved in the work of the project SmartenIT – Socially-Aware Management of New Overlay Application Traffic with Energy Efficiency in the Internet: the European Seventh Framework Project FP7-2012-ICT-317846-strep, under which he systematically deepens the knowledge about traffic management among cloud environments. In his research, Grzegorz Rzym combines the interdisciplinary knowledge gained during both courses conducting a research of the use of cepstral analysis for the network traffic analysis. Grzegorz also performs research under the Dean Grant No. of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications of AGH-UST " Analysis of traffic measurements from NetFlow/IPFIX protocol in term of social networks characteristics" and in pursuit of a doctoral dissertation "Management of traffic among data centers in the cloud environment with the use of flow-oriented approach".

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