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Trans EurAsia Information Networks (Singapore)

Bu Sung Lee

Bu-Sung Lee received his B.Sc. (Hons) and PhD from the Electrical and Electronics Department, Loughborough University of Technology, UK in 1982 and 1987 respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University. Bu-Sung Lee, was the Founding Director of Service Platform Lab, HP Labs. Singapore from July 2010 till June 2012.
Bu-Sung Lee, has been very active in the area of establishing a Research and Education Network locally as well as globally. He is the founding President(2003-2007) and current President(2011-2015) of Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network(SingAREN). He has been actively involved with the Asia-Pacific research and education network community. He was a Board member of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network Ptd. Ltd. (APAN) from 2010-2012.

He played a critical role in the engagement with European Commission in the formation of the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN-2); connects ten countries in the region, and provides direct connectivity to Europe’s GÉANT2 network. His involvements continue into the new phase of the project TEIN-4. In 2012, a new entity TEIN*CC was established to managed the project. Bu-Sung Lee was elected as the Chair of the Board of Governors.

Bu-Sung Lee has published over 200 peer preview conference papers, and 100 journal papers. His research areas cover both Grid/Cloud Computing and network. His particular interest are in data replication, scheduling, network Qos (wired and wireless), Openflow and ad hoc network.

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