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TSSG - Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland)

Miguel Ponce de Leon

Miguel Ponce de Leon (WIT-TSSG) has participated in over 30 national & international research projects, and has authored papers in future networking, communication network management, Smart Grid & Living Labs. Currently Miguel is coordinator of the ICT PRISTINE project and has been primary investigator for the research projects ICTPanLabs II, ICT Perimeter, ICT OpenLab, ICT 4WARD, ICT EFIPSANS, ICT AutoI, and FI PPP FINESCE. Miguel is also involved in commercialising research, most recently in innovating a new PaaS for realtime communications for Kodacall. Miguel has participated in standards activities, were he has been a representative to ETSI and TMForum, and on the Advisory Council of ISOC.

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