(Accepted papers only - It will be announced end of January 2015 directly to submitters.)

Selected papers from TNC15 will be published with a registered ISBN number on TERENA’s web pages. Authors of extended abstracts that are selected to be presented at the conference, and all invited speakers, will be encouraged to submit a full paper. The Programme Committee will review the papers and select approximately twelve for publication. Please indicate on your extended abstract whether you would be willing to have a full paper published.

Guidelines for full paper submission

(Accepted papers only)

Full paper format should be submitted by UPLOADING it to the speaker's page AND SENDING E-MAIL to following the guidelines and completing the JAR form.


All abstracts should be structured in the following order: Title, Authors, Author Affiliations, Keywords, Abstract, Acknowledgements, References, Author Biographies.The length must be of maximum 15 pages, excluding biography and images.

Authors and Author Affiliation(s)

The first and family names of all authors and co-authors should be provided. The organisational affiliation, postal address, e-mail address and phone number of each author should also be listed.


Abstracts should include between one and five keywords to describe the contents. Each keyword (which may be a phrase or a single word) should describe a single concept. Conjunctives (words such as "and", and "while" which join words or, phrases together) and common words such as "computer" should be avoided. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelt out (e.g. "Asynchronous Transfer Mode" instead of "ATM") unless the abbreviation is so well established that the full term is rarely used, for example, use "laser" instead of "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".

Authors Biographies

Short biographies (maximum of 100 words) should be provided for each author of the paper. Biographies should be included at the end of the paper under the heading "Vitae".

Deadline for submissions

Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors by 15 April 2015.