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Dublin Dublin Dublin


The Conference Centre "Alfândega" (Porto Customs House) is located down the Douro River, in the historical center of Porto, known as the "Ribeira", and is classified by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Alfândega was designed by the French architect Jean Colson, who chose the former fisherman’s beach for location. The construction followed the different architecture characteristics of the nearby 15th century riverside buildings and was finished in 1869.

In the 1980´s, the Customs services were gradually shifted in search of easier accessibilities and proximity to the airport and the Leixões harbour. In this context, the future use of the building was granted in 1992 to the Association of Transport and Communications Museum (AMTVC) and restoration works started under the supervision of the internationally renown Portuguese Architect Souto Moura. This restoration led to the development of a Congress Centre project within the AMTC.

The Conference Centre is located 5/10 minutes from major hotels in the city, and 5 minutes from the commercial center of Porto. The Porto International Airport is situated only 30 minutes away.